Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Video Game Decency Act of 2007

Fred Upton, a Republican senator, has reintroduced the Video Game Decency Act, a piece of legislation directed at game companies that lie to the ESRB to obtain a lower rating than they should. From Gamasutra, "According to the wording of the bill, any failing to disclose video game content 'with the intent of obtaining a less restrictive age-based content rating' will be treated as an 'unfair or deceptive act or practice affecting commerce' as judged by the Federal Trade Commission Act." Upton declared the point of the legislation is to, "restore parents’ trust in a system in which game makers had previously done an end-run around the process to deliver violent and pornographic material to our kids.”

Video Game Decency Act: Take Two

Lets see if this legislation expires, as its predecessor did...

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