Tuesday, March 13, 2007

John Edwards HQ Vandalized...in Second Life

John Edwards suffered yet another setback to his presidential bid when 10 Zen Monkeys, a group of Second Life Griefers (people who harass virtual worlds for the fun of it), began spreading Marxist propaganda, pictures of John Edwards in blackface, and other obscene materials. Apparently, the vandals were Republicans sporting Bush '08 stickers. Newsflash griefers, Bush ain't running in '08 (I hope).

Edwards hit by Virtual Vandals

I do not think there should be the same consequences for these actions as there would be if a real campaign HQ were vandalized, but frankly, I cannot figure out why? Perhaps I am seeing these virtual worlds as being too real. Maybe there are no consequences, because virtual worlds are generally without consequence. If anything, the vandals have only increased awareness of Edwards and his campaign: no press is bad press.

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