Friday, November 16, 2007

Jack Thompson Suing and parent ECA

Jack Thompson, real name Jack Chumpson, has decided to sue Gamepolitics, a great site dedicated to the intersection of politics and video games. He claims that the site is industry apologist and part of a much larger conspiracy to have him disbarred. Perhaps Thompson should understand that it is his irrational use of legal systems to further his agenda that is putting him under review by the Florida bar.

Thompson suing GP!

Thompson is basing some his allegations on comments posted to GP, which Dennis McCauley, the owner did not post, which threatened Thompson with death (?). McCauley removed as soon as he saw it. Is he serious? Thompson's kids must be so embarrassed their father is so zealous and out of touch.

Monday, November 5, 2007

ESRB Upholds Manhunt 2 Rating Despite Dubious Mods; Target Still Won't Sell in Stores

The ESRB, showing a good amount of common sense, ruled that its M rating for Manhunt 2 will stand, even though some modded Playstation Portables are capable of accessing certain content deemed Adult-Only. Patricia Vance delineated this ruling from the ESRB's opinion of the Hot Coffee mod from GTA: San Andreas, pointing to the increased inaccessibility from needing a modded PSP versus PC software and the fact that the content was disclosed to the ESRB when the M rating was given.

ESRB Allows Manhunt 2 Rating to Stand

I think the ESRB is doing the right thing here. It takes a lot of effort to unlock this content, and if Take Two was upfront about it being there, no point in punishing them with further delays and increased headache.

Despite this "endorsement" (?), Target has still decided not to sell the game on its shelves, though they will sell it online.

M for Missing Target

Second Second Life Lawsuit Over Erotic Goods

A group of six players of Second Life have banded together and named Thomas Simon, aka Rase Kenzo, defendant in suit alleging virtual item theft and reproduction. Kevin Alderman, notorized for his Eros sex bed lawsuit, is one of the plaintiffs in this case as well.

Sex Toys Aren't All Fun and Games

After hearing Alderman speak at the Virtual Worlds Conference, I understand why he takes this so importantly; for him, it is his livelihood. I just wonder if his actions are not akin to those of the music industry when they try to deal with digital piracy by suing individual infringers? Probably not, since the deterrent factor will be strengthened by the small number of infringers.

BioWare/Pandemic Acquisition Ok'ed

Antitrust Regulators have allowed EA's $775 million dollar purchase of BioWare's and Pandemic's parent VG Holding Group from Elevation Partners, notorious for having Bono as one of its investors. Elevation Partner's founder, John Riccitiello, is currently the CEO and formerly the president of EA, so naturally that raised some flags initially. However, FTC clearance was given for EA to continue amassing juggernautness.

BioWare and Pandemic are almost EA's!

Damn. It sure looks like Riccitiello is making money every which way on this deal.