Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jack Thompson Countersues T2

Very predictably, Jack Thompson, the preacher of puff, has countersued Take-Two alleging violations of his freedom of speech and multiple violations under RICO (Racketeering legislation) for T2's campaign against him. Honestly, this guy bugs me so much that I cannot even cover this story any more, just read it if you care to hear what he has to say (I do not).

Thompson Arrogantly Defends Himself

While I believe that Thompson's exploits can be justified from a moral standpoint, how can the guy expect any one to respect him (independent of his right to say it) when he drops comments about Rockstar in a legal motion like: "What else would one expect of Scottish sociopaths sipping their single malt Glenlivet in between brainstorming software programming sessions?" He then brings up September 11 and, after claiming that T2's influence on pop culture breads extremism, he continues "What is America's rebuttal to the Islamic Fascist recruitment call? This counterclaim is the rebuttal, not just to these terrorists but to Take-Two." WTF?

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