Monday, March 5, 2007

Body Doubles in Second Life

A Second Life company ran by Persia Christensen now allows users to have famous celebs for avatars. Ever want to see Britney Spears engaged in some raw sexual act, but without K-Fed? Now you can actually be her and it is all available for the low low price of $13 dollars.

Talk About Stunt Doubles!

This mod of second life could present serious IP issues. Celebrities generally have protection over their likeness. With all of the increased attention that virtual worlds are receiving, I would not be surprised if a lawsuit is instituted quickly to protect these stars' right of publicity. Here is an analysis from Legally Blind:

Legally Blind's Take

The right of publicity is a state, common-law right. I guess it falls most near trademark law, though it seems to have aspects of copyright too - are bodies creations worthy of artistic protection? What if plastic surgery has significantly altered appearance? Does a boob job satisfy the required de minimis of creative expression? Anyway, I found the seminal case: Tiger Woods v. Jireh Publishing in my trademark book. See Legally Blind's Take for a link to the case.

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