Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Call of Duty: Finest Hour's developer Spark born under a bad sign

When formed, Spark looked to become another shining star in the video game industry. With an All-Star team of talent from the top down, they appeared positioned to begin creating top shelf games immediately. However, the company's path has been anything but smooth. Bogged down by poor management and mounting lawsuits, the company seems practically fated for doom. Check this Gamasutra Article about the uneven life of the studio:

Spark's Controversy

From its lawsuits with EA, where a lot of its talent came from, to its lawsuit with Activision, their first employer, Spark has faced...adversity.

Here is a copy of the original contract between Spark and Activision - people are incredulous that the contract was released, but for an aspiring lawyer such as myself, it is really helpful to see a template.

Spark's contract with Activision

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