Thursday, March 15, 2007

ABA Reviews Second Life

The American Bar Association's journal published an article this month about Second Life and the legal implications of virtual lawyers. It is an interesting review of some of the legal angles involved with these virtual worlds, but does not answer very many questions. If anything it reinforces the idea that so much is unsettled on the legal frontier of these games that regulation seems far away.

ABA guidelines for Virtual Lawyers...there are no guidelines

One interesting portion deal with client solicitation. The ABA currently prohibits direct solicitation of clients that do not have a prior close relationship with the lawyer. So what if an avatar appears at my law office in Second Life, I give advice, but in effect I am directly soliciting real-life business through the game? I suppose they could treat as if the avatar had walked into my office = no direct solicitation. Or they could treat it as "talk to me about this fantasy world...oh, by the way, I can help you with that problem in the real courts" = probably direct solicitation. Very fuzzy.

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