Monday, March 12, 2007

Simone's Account Hacked

Simone Stern, a prominent fashion designer denizen of Second Life, has had her account hacked and about $1500 dollars worth of Linden Bucks stolen. Stern's real-life counterpart asked LL to freeze her account, but they said that can take 5-7 days. The thief transferred the money between multiple avatars and eventually escaped.

Simone got the Shaft

Who is in charge of capturing this virtual theft? Should the cops step in? Should Linden Labs? It is hard to say who would have an easier time tracking the thief: the in-game gods or the po-po? Are there virtual arrests in Second Life? It seems like being punished for a crime in Second Life, would mean that your first life might be screwed...oh probably do not have a first life.

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