Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vista overbears on PC games...I don't believe it!

It looks like the new Windows Vista has been engineered to create a simple interface for organizing games on one's PC and has a new DirectX 10 technology, which should improve graphics. However, developers are skeptical about Microsoft's intentions. It seems that the new mechanisms in Vista have increased security which makes downloading software more of a pain of a butt, having a wet blanket effect --> nothing totally crippling, but de-incentivizing. Here are some choice quotes:

"Among St. John's other gripes are that Vista won't ship with Flash, a piece of software from Microsoft rival Adobe that is used to create many online and casual games; that parental controls can make it tough to find games outside the Games Explorer; and that the Games Explorer emphasizes retail titles over downloaded ones."

"I tell anyone who will listen to me at Microsoft that [gamers] are our most important customers." - Rich Wickham, director of Windows gaming.

"[Gamers are] really grasping at straws for reasons to upgrade the operating system." - John Carmack, technical director of id Software and programmer behind the "Doom" and "Quake" games.

To me, it looks like Microsoft using its superior position to position itself even more securely. I can't really blame them, but I wonder if the independent developer market grows enough and Vista makes those games that much harder to access, will there be more litigation? When will Microsoft link Windows to Xbox, so that all other consoles are left disadvantaged? Just a matter of time before that technology arrives...see, Microsoft makes me worry; they are so underhanded they are anti-trustworthy.

Gamers See Gain and Pain from Windows Vista


tejomommy said...

This blog is so darn technical and specific! I hope the legal video game aficionados will read it and post some cogent comments. I read it because, well, I'm your Mom. I guess that makes me the Hypo Mom. But I don't understand most of it. Keep blogging and konging.

The Hypo Kid said...

Well, its not all technical: Hold your wee for a wii...