Friday, January 26, 2007

Nintendo News Channel

Nintendo has decided to branch out from its six year-old target audience by providing a news service powered by AP through its Wii Network. It is good to hear that they are again thinking outside the box; I spent so much time when I was younger fiddling around with my Nintendos, that I bet I would read the news too, it it were available.

Nintendo Launches Wii News Channel

Right now, it appears that only AP will provide content. I wonder if Nintendo will begin seeking news content from others and try to make there Wii network a legitimate news source hub, or whether, they will choose to keep it simple? Will other news sources want their stories available also? My how consoles have changed: I remember when my Nintendo came with a gun. Now it comes with news?

Media distribution through these next-gen consoles is just blowing up.