Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Academics Begin Burning Crusade

On the eve of The Burning Crusade expansion pack, academics have been given Title IX funding and a grant from the National Education Association to role-play on World of Warcraft as Tiger Team One, a Horde guild destined to battle the Alliance scum. They say ABDs (short for All But Dissertation) may apply, but PhDs are preferred. Now I'm no PhD, but I want to get paid to play WoW. When I heard this news I thought, "For that to happen to me...Good to know someone pulled it off." Then I went to the site and saw what these poor guys were role-playing...WoW! Check the Manifesto. Feckless Gobshites!

Tiger Team One

Recruiting Post

But my legal visor signals curious, how does Title IX, which mandated equality between the sexes in education, grant this program funding? Did they promise to have equal numbers of male and female orcs, trolls, tauren, undead, and most importantly, blood elves? Hmm...

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Rose said...

As a memeber of the population female undead-- I want equal treatment!