Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft declares victory over holiday season

Microsoft, murdering all holiday mirth, claimed victory as the number one console seller in the US this holiday season, beating second place Wii (around 600,000), and third place laggard PS3 (491,000). Boosted by "must-have" titles, like Gears of War, and the overall shortages faced by its competitors, Microsoft announced it has sold over ten million total units and over a million this holiday season alone. Not bad for $300-$400 a pop. Then again, at $600 a pop, PS3s grossed about $250 million, as much as only $50 million less. Not like the pure dollars matter though (since most console sales are not very profitable); its all about the recognition.

Microsoft wins again!

Oh, and the earlier post about when is Microsoft going to combine the 360 and PCs...duh, that shit is on the way. I have to say in this three way race, I'm pulling for Nintendo. While the other machines may be stronger, the Wii is just more innovative and fun, i.e. I would rather see games go that way then the Microsoft way: straight to the dark side.

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