Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sweden Opens Embassy in Second Life

Further bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds, Sweden has decided to open an embassy in Second Life. Apparently, the embassy will only be used to distribute information about Sweden to the virtual characters.

Your Swedish Embassy away from the Swedish Embassy

I wonder if they will start processing visas (for the real world) and asylum applications. All jokes aside, this is the first time I have ever thought of an online world as being more like a different country you can visit. I wonder if Second Life will become more a vacation destination? I guess it already is...

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terhorst said...

Despite being one of the dorkiest people I know, I still don't get the Second Life thing. Guess I find myself leaning more towards this camp. Apropos that link and the whole law blog thing, I thought you might enjoy this. May your humility and sense of humor equally flourish throughout the course of your legal career. :-)

--Your friend John
whom you owe both an e-mail and a phone call.