Thursday, February 22, 2007

Researchers find no link between violent games and violent behavior

While not strictly related to the law, I found it interesting that after conducting a study, researchers at Texas A+M have found no link between violent video games and violent behavior. There have been many lawsuits trying to pin violent behavior on the influence of video games, and well, I am tired of it. I have played video games my whole life, kicking the crap out of virtual competitors, human and computer alike, but I am one of the least violent people I know. I've never even been in a fight.

No link between violent behavior and violent games: eat your heart out Jack Thompson

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Emmett said...

It's definitely law-related. Remember Ozzie Osbourne was sued over a teenager's suicide when it was learned that he had been listening to a Black Sabbath song about suicide? I believe it was thrown out, but still -- this would be relevant evidence.