Saturday, February 10, 2007

Guitar Hero Defectors Sued

Activision, who I hope does not ruin their recently acquired Guitar Hero franchise, has filed suit against three former employees of Red Octane as well as The Ant Commandoes, who has already been sued once by Activision in a different Guitar Hero-related suit, and Guitar Hero PR firm, Reverb. The defectors and TAC together created a new company, Lodestone Entertainment or Hourglass Interactive. Activision is accusing the three workers of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, misappropriating trade secrets and confidential information, breach of contract, interference with contractual relations, and more. Basically, they are trying to stop these three workers from using any idea that even comes close to Guitar Hero in any subsequent games.

Activision puts franchise to good use suing people

I'm sorry Activision, but there is absolutely not one tiny shred of Metal in all this litigation. Activision is quickly becoming the Metallica of video games: stop wasting your time suing people and focus on the music.

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