Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Microsoft Uncovered

You know how the first iteration of new consoles usually break quickly? BBC's Watchdog will run a story about how British Xbox360 owners have gotten screwed by faulty consoles. There were so many problems with the US version of the Xbox360 that MS evetually just opened its doors to any consumer to fix any console, warranty or no. Apparently, the British did not get the same royal treatment; they are expected to pay somewhere between 80 and 90 quid (roughly $175).

Never buy that first iteration...

I guess I shouldn't totally hate on Microsoft, the first versions of PS 1+2 were pretty crappy too. It is still lame that the Brits have to pay such a large amount to fix the damn things.

2/15/07: Micorsoft admits that there are "isolated reports" of faulty Xbox360s

Isolated Reports

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