Monday, April 16, 2007

US Army Sponsors Online Video Game Network

In an attempt to reach out to their bread-and-butter demographic, the 17-24 year-old male, the US army has begun sponsoring online game tournaments. The Army has partnered with the Global Gaming League, boasting about 9 million competitive gamers on its network, to create the National Gaming Arena which will host tournaments of Army-themed games. The Army will also give prizes to the winners such as a chance to train on a real military games software. The promotion is meant to increase awareness by telling the Army's story to the next generation of potential recruits.

Yeah, I know what is like to serve, I played the video game

I suppose it is the easiest way to select candidates for their war games departments. How about a nice game of chess?

Others are not so happy about the program: Leland Yee, a CA state senator, doesn't like the Army's attempt to lure young children.

Army ads as bad as Cigarette Ads?

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