Monday, April 16, 2007

Louisiana Orders Itself to Pay ESA $91,000 in Lawyers' Fees

A district judge in Louisiana ruled that the State must pay the ESA a total of $91,000 for the fees it incurred in getting HB 1381, an anti-video game piece of legislation drafted with the help of Jack Thompson, overturned as unconstitutional. The law mandated fines between $100 and $2,000 and prison sentences of up to one year for selling M or AO games to minors. The judge found the medical evidence of the "reason" supporting the legislation, that video games are promoters of violence, was tenuous and speculative. This is the latest example of video game legislation being ruled unconstitutional, with a similar case being decided in Michigan last December.

Louisiana Ordered to Pay Attorney's Fees to ESA

Personally, I think the judge got this right and shows that the system works...sometimes.

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