Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Microsoft's Patent Application for Portable Gaming System Hints at Zune Gaming

MIcrosoft, invader of all realms technological, just had a patent application, Number 20070087830 for a "multi-component gaming system" including "handheld devices and console devices," approved by the PTO. The patent appears to pertain to technology that would allow processes from one gaming console, i.e. the XBox 360, to be beamed to another portable device, i.e. the Zune, calling it "variable functionality and processing performance as determined by the number of components in the system. The processing capabilities and functionality of each gaming component in a combination are augmented by the processing capabilities and functionality of other gaming components in the combination. To take advantage of another gaming components processing capabilities and memory capacity, each gaming component is capable of utilizing another gaming component to process gaming applications."

Zune Gaming Soon

Of course, Microsoft had no comment. Sounds cool...but will it be?

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