Sunday, April 8, 2007

Piano Hero Maker Sent Cease and Desist from Activision

Nicholas Piedgon, a programmer working for Halite studios, designed an open source software package called Piano Hero, a homage to guitar hero but free. Activision, being the super-cool dudes they are, immediately sent a cease and desist letter alleging trademark infringement and dilution. Mr. Piedgon complied with the letter immediately. The following link leads to the correspondence between the two parties.

Activision sues over Guitar Hero again

Is it just me, or does Activision occupy more than half of my blog entries? Talk about being concerned with the franchise IP. Still though, I want to play some piano hero. I bet it is more productive than guitar hero since it can actually teach useful music skills as opposed to GH's dumbed-down, albeit, more fun almost playing.


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