Monday, April 14, 2008

Minnesota Pushes Forward With Futile Legislation

Minnesota, that bastion for common sense, continues to resist the legal system's mandate that legislation creating penalties for the sale of violent video games is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The state has filed an appeal to hear the case en banc, meaning all of the Eighth Circuit of Appeals judges will hear the case, instead of just three.

Presenting the Minnesota Golden Dotards!

I was tempted to not even report this story because it is hardly news. As a gamer, I am happy this legislation has not been passed because I am against censorship in general and it could set a precedent for further encroachment. As a lawyer, if this type of legislation does pass, there are going to be a lot of sheepish judges out there who will either have to go back and say they were wrong, or stop the spread of this legislation to cover their proverbial ass. My guess is that they would stop the spread.


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