Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NY Bill Attempts to Make Felony of Selling Violent Video Games to Minors

Once again, a state government has tried to legislate on the sale of video games to minors, this time, its NY. They propose felony charges for anyone who sells a game to a minor featuring "depraved violence and indecent images." Depraved violence is further defined as, "rape, dismemberment, physical torture, mutilation or evisceration of a human being." I do not know what the deal is with these state governments, but apparently, they do not look at what other states have done. All previous attempts at legislation like this have been struck down in federal court as unconstitutional for violating the 1st amendment. See Illinois entry below: I wonder if this one will cost a million bucks too? Also, the bill mandates parental controls by 2009 on all consoles, but does not specify about hand-helds or PCs. However, this seems superfluous since all next-gen systems already have parental controls in place...hmm...I guess they do not look around

Will this one be upheld?

With all these attempts at regulation, I cannot tell if the governments are trying to scapegoat, or whether there are actually legitimate concerns about these issues in the population? It seems like political maneuvering to me, but with so many different states trying to accomplish the same unconstitutional objective, maybe there are more Jack Thompsons out there than previously thought.

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